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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring, Come Back!

Slowly, but surely the temperatures are rising again. Today in Cincinnati, it's still chilly and rainy, though. I miss 60 degree temperatures!

And right now, I especially miss being able to comfortably bike outside in prepareration for (yes, it's that time of year again) the Tour de Cure (a bike ride to raise money for the American Diabetes Association). I squeezed in one 20-mile outdoor trek when the weather was nice last month, but the new cold has confined me once again to a stationary bike. (The only advantage of which is that I can read and ride at the same time, which would be ... let's say, not exactly safe to try when biking outside!)

Here's the web address (couldn't get a link to work) for my Tour de Cure web page, if you're interested in donating or seeing a silly picture of me on a bicycle:

Lately I'm feeling the need for order, for simplicity, for out with the old and in with the new. I'm thinking of embarking on a Grand Possession Evaluation, going through the things that I own to see what is of value to me and what I can do without. More on this as it progresses ...


  • Awww, I like this weather: keeps my students from getting too distracted! :-)

    By Blogger Theresa Williams, at 3:17 AM  

  • Wow, Erin, I think it's so great that you're doing the Tour de Cure! Congratulations on working for a fine cause.

    And I'll look forward to reading more about your Grand Possession Evaluation...something we all need to do regularly.


    By Blogger emmapeelDallas, at 5:07 AM  

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