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Monday, February 05, 2007

Computer Woes

Lately my computer has been slow. Especially Microsoft Word is soooo slow opening documents, closing documents, saving documents, printing documents. Since my creative livelihood is wrapped up in documents, this is a problem.

One evening last week, I spent two hours printing out material to send off, and it should have taken me less than half that time. It’s enough, I think, to find the time, energy, and focus to write in the evening after work. When a computer is running so tortoise-like that normal tasks take ten times longer than they should (i.e. opening a Word document can take a full 2 minutes), it is no good.

So I’ve determined—something’s got to give.

My options as I see them are to try to upgrade/update my computer so that it will run more smoothly, or to buy a new computer.

I went to the local Apple store yesterday to discuss options. I was told by a salesman (who was very knowledgeable, personable, and did not pressure at all—I liked him!) that computers are only designed to last 3-5 years. After that, technology has advanced so far that older computers are obsolete. Even if nothing has gone wrong with the computer, per se, it is no longer beefy enough to run new programs, upgraded operating systems, and so on. Unfortunately, my computer is 5 years old.

It seems so wasteful to me to replace such an expensive item after only 5 years. I know that some people like to replace their computer often, but given a choice, I would keep a computer for 10-20 years. Maybe longer! I don’t like to have to move all of my documents and settings over to a new system. I don’t like to have to get used to a new keyboard and display. I like what I already have. (That’s why I bought it in the first place.)

I think I’m going to bring my current iBook into the Apple store to see what they can do to speed things up. If the costs will be high to make the necessary updates (and I suspect this is will be the case), it looks like I’ll be unwillingly purchasing a new system.

Now, I am excited about a new computer. I think it’s tough not to be excited when looking at fun new technology. (Pictured above is the one I’ve seen that I like. It’s similar to the one I have right now, but the screen is an inch bigger, and of course it has a better processor and more memory.) I’m just frustrated to feel as though I have to get a new computer, and so soon.

Maybe if I do get a new computer, I will never update it. Maybe I will never upgrade to a new operating system. Maybe I will never add new programs. Maybe I can make it last forever!


  • I really love my computer I bought last summer; it runs so fast and has so much storage. I dread the fact that it, too, will be obsolete before I am ready for it to be! Erin, your comment about remembering taking Modern Poetry intrigued me. If you have time, sometime, could you tell me how the class was structured? You had John Wylam, didn't you? (John left us for Canada; his wife got a job teaching there). How were you graded? What did you read? How did John conduct the classes?

    By Blogger Theresa Williams, at 2:11 PM  

  • I feel like this about my CAR, and also about my computer. I agree with you, it feels so wasteful to me to buy things so wonderful and so expensive, knowing they will become obsolete all too soon. Well, not Emma (my VW). At least, I hope not...


    By Blogger emmapeelDallas, at 10:21 PM  

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