Erin's Everyday Thoughts

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Small Love Affair

On Wednesday morning, I took Lucy the dog for a solo walk early in the morning. We left around 6:15, before the sun had come up. I was bundled up in coat, gloves, and even a hat. We walked quickly. Lucy walked well, so I didn't have to discipline her. And I had time to think. And dream.

I dreamed up a new story--a picture book. By the time I walked back toward the house, I had most of it plotted out--characters, circumstances, beginning, ending. Just a few spots in the middle were still uncertain. I wrote the first draft. Later in the day, I retyped and reworked it a second time.

I'm in love with the story. We're in those first precious moments where I adore it completely with a full and open heart. I can't yet see the flaws.

The story is in a drawer now, and I'll pull it out again at some point. Probably next week. And I'll see everything that is wrong. And I'll bemoan my carelessness, my lack of talent. And I'll try to fix it.

But for now, I'll keep that twinkle in my eye, happy that this new special thing has come into my life.