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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Playing with Poetry / Lyrics

I feel so low. I feel so low.
My world’s apart. My world’s apart.
What do I do? Where do I start
On fixing up this busted heart?

I don’t care that it’s fine outside.
This whole damn life’s a bumpy ride.
And I am stuck inside, inside.
I only want to sink and hide.

What thing will make a difference here?
What thing will stop these tired tears?
What thing will bring me rest and peace?
I need it now, so please god please.

Another day, I cannot take.
There’s far too much at stake, at stake.
And too much time’s already past.
I need the fix—I need it fast.

I feel so low. My world’s apart.
Where do I start? Where do I start
In fixing up this busted heart—
This bruised and beaten, broken heart?


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