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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Progress, Part I

During a highly productive trip to my hometown last weekend, Mike & I made a number of wedding decisions. (The plan is to have the wedding in my hometown, where my parents still live.) We now have a date (October 11, 2008), a church, a reception hall, and a caterer. I did not expect to have all of these things already, but it is a pleasant surprise to have so many big details ironed out!

I was especially happy with the reception hall. Mike & I looked at 4 halls on Sunday. The first was okay, the second was not great, and then the third … well, as soon as we walked into it, we both knew that’s where we wanted to spend our wedding day! We almost didn’t bother to go to the fourth. (We did go there, but it only helped confirm that we liked the third place the best!) I was so happy not only to find a hall, but also to find one that we both liked so much.

We’re on our way, and I couldn’t be happier!


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